A new way of marketing requires a new kind of creativity

We created Facebook Awards to celebrate the agencies and marketers that are showing what creativity can accomplish in a connected world. Facebook Awards is a resource where you can get recognized for your work, be inspired by great campaigns from around the world and learn how to strengthen your Facebook strategies. It’s one big community, so make yourself at home. 

How do I submit work?

Click the "Submit Work" button on the top right of any page on Facebook Awards or click here. Once you're logged in with your Facebook account, you can complete the entry form and submit.

Who can submit work?

Anyone can submit work on behalf of their agency or their brand. Please read the Submission Terms to ensure you have appropriate permissions.

How do I get my agency or company included in the Directory?

Agencies and companies are added to the Directory when they have work published to the site.

What types of submissions are you looking for?

We're looking for work that helped drive business growth with Facebook. Submissions should be creative and effective examples of marketing with Facebook. To be considered for publication on the site, submit at least one image with your written campaign description. Including a case study video is strongly recommended for awards consideration. Find more information on what the judges are looking for on the Awards page.

Can you be more specific?

We're looking for your best work — the campaigns you'd use to pitch clients or showcase your brand's most successful campaigns. Campaign descriptions are important and will be what visitors to the site read to learn about your work. Your campaign description should explain the campaign brief, objectives, target audience and approach to the business challenge, in case study format. The more supporting media you can provide to describe your campaign, the better. Submit multiple, high quality images and, if possible, include a compelling case study video. Images and video should illustrate your overall campaign, as well as the work you did with Facebook.

What happens to my work after I submit it?

You will receive an email shortly after your submission to let you know we received it. We'll notify you if your submission will be published. From there, campaigns that exemplify great marketing with Facebook may be promoted to the Spotlight. All published work is eligible for awards consideration.

When will I find out if my submission is published?

We'll notify you via email if your submission will be published to the Past Winners. Due to the volume of submissions, we can’t respond to all work received.

What are the technical specifications for submitting media?

  • File Format: .mov, .avi, .m4v, .mp4, .m4a, .flv, .asf, .wmv, .3gp, .3g2 or .mj2
  • File Size: Under 200mb
  • Resolution: 1020x768
  • Bitrate: 600 kbs
  • Sound: all video must include sound
  • File Format: .jpg or .png
  • File Size: Under 300k
  • Dimensions: 619x348

Do you accept work from all countries and languages?

Currently, Facebook Awards is in English. We will accept work from all countries, in all languages, as long as the campaign description is in English. Please provide case study videos in English, or with English subtitles.

What if I am a brand representative and have not authorized my agency to submit work on my behalf?

Our Submission Terms state that everyone who submits work must have the appropriate permissions. If that has not happened, please contact the agency that submitted work on your behalf, and report abuse here.

I’m an agency or other company that has been left off of the credits, what should I do?

Please reach out to your contact at the submitting brand or agency and ask that they add you to the credits in the submission. They can make the request by using the Feedback Page.

How do I deactivate my Facebook Awards listing?

Make sure you're logged in, then click "Deactivate my Listing" from your Listing Preferences page on your user dashboard.

I deleted my listing, can I re-activate it?

Yes, send us a note on the Feedback Page and we'll restore your account and badges.

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