New tool helps you create sample Premium campaigns

New tool helps you create sample Premium campaigns
We recently launched the first version of the Facebook demo tool, an app designed to help brands and agencies mock up how their premium ads will look to people when they’re using Facebook. The demo tool makes it easier than ever to visualize how creative from your Page will translate into different Premium on Facebook placements. Anyone can use the demo tool to test different campaign ideas and share them with colleagues or clients.
Getting started
The first step is to create a sample brand Page by uploading a profile photo and cover photo. Be sure to check out these best practices for the new Pages layout. 
Next, choose a few of your friends to be “fans” of the brand. These sample fans will help illustrate what people see when their friends are connected to your brand. (Please note that you are building mockups in a simulated environment—your activity in the application, including friend selection, won’t publish to Facebook.)
You can create Page post content from photos, status updates or questions. Once your Page post is ready, you can preview it as an ad or a sponsored story. You can also preview your Page posts in three different locations: right-hand-side, news feed on your desktop and news feed on mobile.
Have fun
The demo tool lets you experience the visual impact of Premium on Facebook first-hand, rather than just imagining how your ads and sponsored stories would appear to fans and friends of fans. Please keep in mind that currently, the demo tool provides a visual overview of Premium on Facebook, but does not comprehensively describe all Premium ad scenarios.
We’d love to hear your feedback on version one—please click on “Feedback” to let us know what you think, how you’re using the demo tool, and what features you’d like to see in the next release.


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