Introducing Account Groups

Introducing Account Groups
Last week, we launched Account Groups, a new, easier way for agencies to manage their ad strategies on Facebook. Account Groups allows advertisers to group together and access multiple Facebook Ads accounts simultaneously. This product is available globally and is designed specifically for agencies that manage multiple self-service ad accounts.

Until now, agencies had to access and manage each ad account separately, either with their own user profile credentials or via a shared business account login. With this new solution, accounts can now easily be grouped together, and admins can invite multiple users to be full administrators of a group of accounts. They can also assign other admin permission levels for those who can access the group. This will save time, improve account security, and simplify the process for managing your Facebook Ads experience.

Account Groups allow you to:
  • Create a new account group (including adding/removing accounts from a group)
  • Grant/revoke user permissions for a group
  • Select groups in the ads manager account list
  • Access all accounts within one group from a single login
Start using Account Groups today by logging in to Ads Manager and clicking on the ‘Account Groups’ tab on your primary accounts page. 

For help setting up your Account Groups please read the Account Groups How-to Guide

We have also created the Account Structure Best Practices guide to provide recommendations on how you can use Account Groups most efficiently.


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