Important Updates to PMD Badge Applications and Requirements

Important Updates to PMD Badge Applications and Requirements
Today we are re-opening applications to the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program with two key updates.
First, we are moving to a referral-based system where companies that have proven success working with our internal teams or ads-qualified PMDs will be prioritized.
Throughout the history of the PMD Program, we've learned that companies referred to us by a trusted, credible and informed source were much more likely to ultimately join the program as they had proven to be successful on our platform and with marketers.
Additionally, the intrinsic link between paid, earned, and owned media on Facebook means that all PMDs must have a deep knowledge and understanding across all badged areas to ensure marketer success. Many of the most successful PMDs offer comprehensive Facebook marketing solutions, through creative partnerships with other PMDs or by offering multifaceted tools.
We are also announcing new requirements for the PMD badge, encouraging candidates and members to focus on deeper integrations across the four qualification areas: Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.
These new requirements will facilitate the implementation of features such as boosting Page content in news feed, accessing Open Graph insights for app developers or taking a holistic view on pages insights across owned, paid and earned media.
We are excited about both updates and can't wait to see the program grow with outstanding new companies. You can search for current PMDs using the PMD Center.


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