GoPro's take: Making Facebook friends leads to sales

GoPro's take: Making Facebook friends leads to sales

GoPro’s objective on Facebook is simple: The maker of wearable, mountable HD cameras wants to build brand awareness. It starts by posting jaw-dropping photos and videos of all the moments every-day people are capturing with it cameras—the gazelle charging a mountain biker in Africa, the toy robot launching into space. With more than 4 million fans by the end of 2012, that means there’s more than 433 millions friends of these fans globally who are learning about the brand through their Facebook friends.

To continue to grow the audience for its products and content, GoPro’s advertising on Facebook is always on. It targets sponsored stories to friends of fans, enabling it to reach the people most likely to be its next customers and content producers. And to keep its growing fan base engaged, GoPro uses media to increase the reach of its Page posts in news feed.

Facebook is now the No. 1 photo-sharing site for GoPro. It drives more than 9% of the traffic to the brand’s e-commerce site, helping generate direct sales on Now the world’s fastest growing camera company, GoPro credits Facebook for being an “integral part” of that success. Check out the case study video case study to learn more.

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