Facebook Offers Now Available Globally

Facebook Offers Now Available Globally
We launched Offers in limited release at fMC earlier this year. Since then, we’ve heard from businesses of all kinds that Offers has helped them drive business results. Today we are happy to announce that Offers will be available globally, and that we’ve added some new features that will make Offers even better for people and for businesses.
Starting this week, businesses with more than 400 fans can create online Offers directly from their Facebook Pages. This means that all businesses—from large brands to local retailers— can use Offers to drive sales, traffic and reach in news feed.
Businesses can also include bar codes and unique codes in their Offers. This has been a top request, and will help businesses measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
We’re also making it easier for people to find the Offers that are most relevant to them. Over the months since the beta launch, we’ve seen that targeting and advertising help get the right Offers in front of the right people, resulting in more happy customers sharing your offer with friends and better sales. Therefore, starting this week, we will require that businesses include advertising and targeting as part of using Offers. More advertising budget will lead to greater distribution to your audience, and will put more power in your hands as a marketer to control delivery and targeting. Offers will remain free for people to claim and easily sharable with friends. These changes will help businesses reach the right people more effectively, and will create a better experience for users.
Check out the Facebook Help Center to get started and stay tuned to the Facebook Studio blog for Offers tips and case studies.