Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Facebook Studio Awards

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Facebook Studio Awards

In late March, members of Facebook's Creative Council gathered in New York to review hundreds of campaigns submitted for the second annual Facebook Studio Awards. Serving as the jury, they debated work submitted by brands and agencies from 59 countries around the world to decide this year's winners. Take a look at the winning work here.

This year, there was a noticeable shift from application development to a focus on content that tells a story in the News Feed through compelling copywriting and photography:

"Every day we work with brand and agency partners to help them understand the benefits of Facebook and leverage its creative canvas and unmatched scale. Last year, brands tried to push the technical limits of Facebook, and digital platforms overall. Now, in just one year’s time, we were pleased with the renewed focus on the craft of great storytelling through publishing.” – Mark D’Arcy, Head of Global Creative Solutions, Facebook

The Oreo Daily Twist campaign mastered that approach and the jury selected it for the Blue Award. To celebrate the brand's 100th anniversary, Oreo used Facebook to create 100 Page Post ads in 100 days. The ads were beautifully designed, timely and relevant, referencing current events from around the world, such as the Olympics and Mars Rover Landing.

According to D’Arcy:

"Oreo, 360i and Draftfcb were successful because they had an approach that used creative talent designed around a marketing structure to keep pace with, listen to and connect with people. The structure is like a current-day version of a newsroom environment and people love itand the numbers prove its success.”

Congratulations to the agencies and brands behind this year’s outstanding work. See you next year!


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