A clear view of how people are visiting your business

A clear view of how people are visiting your business

Here are some of our latest product news and updates for agencies and brands.

Check-in numbers on Pages will be updated in the next few weeks
We will be revising the total check-in number on Facebook Pages to provide a more accurate picture of how people are visiting your business. If someone checks into your business multiple times within a 12-hour period, that action will be counted as one unique check-in. Previously, if an individual checked into your business multiple times, each check-in was tallied toward your Page’s total number of check-ins.
When people tag their friends at your business location and upload a photo, those photo tags will be counted in aggregate. For example, if someone uploaded 20 photos to an album from a specific location, we'll now count that as a single check-in. But if someone checks in to a location and tags five friends in the photo they upload with the check-in, the total check-ins number will be six—that person’s check-in plus those for their five friends.
Reminder: Upgrade to the new Pages design by March 30
All Pages will be upgraded to the new design on Friday March 30. Check out our Pages Product Guide to find out how to best express your brand’s identity with new features like cover photo and Page timeline.
Case study: Aveeno sees 7% increase in sales with a key retailer after a Facebook sampling campaign
Watch the case study to learn how Johnson & Johnson used Facebook to help launch the skin care and hair care brand in Australia. The company decided to do a sampling campaign since it realized people would buy the product after having the chance to try it. When consumers ordered the sample on the Aveeno Discoverers Page on Facebook, they received not just the sample but also a coupon to buy it. The company not only exhausted all of its samples in a week—but also saw sales of the product increase 7% at a key retailer after the integrated campaign. To view other case studies, visit our Success Stories site. 

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