Creatives Talk Live / Vera Wang

Creatives Talk Live / Vera Wang

Join us for the latest Creatives Talk Live on Facebook Studio. Creatives Talk is a series designed to inspire creativity on Facebook. In this series, we will be welcoming creative thought-leaders from many fields, such as storytelling, fashion, TV, advertising, and more, to share how Facebook is influencing their creative processes.

Guest Speaker: Vera Wang, Fashion designer and CEO

Time: Thursday, November 10th at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm GMT)

Can't get enough of your favorite fashion designers? On Thursday, November 10th at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm GMT), Vera Wang will be joining us to talk about how social is allowing her to connect with her customers and extend her wedding brand in new ways.

After this discussion, we will be talking a live Q&A with questions from our online audience. Don't forget to RSVP and post questions on the event wall here.

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Agency Spotlight / Conill

Agency Spotlight / Conill

In 2010, Toyota announced several product recalls. It needed to quickly find a way for the brand’s advocates to share their experiences and remind people how many Toyota owners have no problems at all. So the company turned to Hispanic agency of record Conill, a multicultural agency focused on the Latino market. 

Starting from the insight that Latinos take pride in their origins and wish to demonstrate that pride, Conill came up with the concept of “Somos Muchos”—Many Latinos, Many Toyotas. Conill created free decals for the dozens of countries, cities and regions from which Latinos in the U.S. hail. The campaign launched the new Toyota Latino Facebook page, the hub for all campaign activity. To date, “Somos Muchos” is considered one of the most successful social media campaigns designed for the U.S. Hispanic market. We chatted with Conill Chief Creative Officer Pablo Buffagni to hear more.

What was the inspiration behind “Somos Muchos”?

It was all about finding a way for Latinos in the U.S. to show their support for Toyota. After the recalls, we saw that most people out there were really supportive of Toyota, especially in the Latino market, in which Toyota is the number one brand. There were so many happy customers, we wanted to find a way to get them talking about why they love Toyota. We asked ourselves, how could we make it more interesting for them, and create something unique and fun?

We all like to represent our nationalities and origins in lots of different ways, and very often this pride finds its way onto our cars. Lots of Latinos have bumper stickers or national flags on their cars, and non-Latinos do too—think about how people put their college stickers on their cars. But for us Latinos, this was especially prevalent around the time of the U.S. census and the World Cup, both of which are really important to the community. That year was all about where you come from, and which national soccer team you support. So wouldn’t it be great to show how many Latinos, from so many different countries, live in the U.S. and how many Toyotas are on the streets, and to tie both together? That’s how we started thinking about it. It was a brand campaign that connected Latinos with the Toyota brand on a personal, emotional level. 

The campaign included TV and radio spots, tie-ins with sporting events and PR outreach. Why did you decide to center the campaign on Facebook?

Facebook is really important for the Latino market, maybe because we Latinos are so social already! It was a natural fit. On a practical level, we needed a place for people to go and ask for the stickers. But more importantly, we needed a place where people could start a conversation and unite around “Somos Muchos.” Facebook was ideal. It’s worth noting that we decided at the start not to build a page for the campaign specifically. We created a page for Toyota Latino and used the “Somos Muchos” campaign to kick-start the whole Toyota Latino page. Facebook Ads were very useful for getting the word out to friends of our fans during the campaign.

But it wasn’t mandatory to become a fan to get the sticker. People liked the page spontaneously and it now has more than 62,000 fans. Even now, the page is still growing and we have a good flow of new conversations. We’ve already given out more than half a million stickers. And you see the results in the streets, too. Driving around LA recently I saw a car with two Somos Muchos stickers on it: “We are Many Latinos” and “We are Many Peruvians.” Now that’s really nice to see.

This has proved to be an idea with staying power that can live on through Facebook. It is not a campaign with a finite length, but something that has become part of the brand. How do you create something that will really last? How do you get your clients to think that way?

When you start working with social media, particularly Facebook, you need to have a long-term strategy from the beginning, and to build a conversation that will continue. The platform lends itself to that, as it’s such a great means to foster and sustain engagement. Build things with time, over time—that was one of our objectives from the start and it’s been working really well.

Toyota is open to doing things in this way because the company understands the value of connecting emotionally with its consumer, and the value of social media in helping to achieve that. Yes, of course, different objectives mandate different kinds of campaigns during the year, so we also do campaigns  directed towards products. But in everything we do, there is always this emotional connection, this link with the consumer that is critical. That’s why social media is so important both for Toyota and for us. We are not just using Facebook as a one-off. We work with a lot of different brands to try to build long-term relationships and sustained conversations. We are able to achieve that through Facebook.

How did you make the campaign social and keep fans engaged? 

We’ve had an engagement plan since we launched. Our team here manages the status updates. We add cultural insights and try to generate things about being Latino in the U.S., while also keeping our eye on Toyota and how the brand fits in with those messages. We don’t do it in a straightforwardly commercial way, because we don’t think that’s the way to work in this kind of environment. If you try to force it, it shows. It’s more about how to relate naturally, spontaneously. For example, we posed questions asking people which team they think will win a certain soccer match, and where they are going this weekend in their cars. We also once asked: “Which of your old cars is the one you remember the most?” 

We’ve found that people engage in a genuine and refreshing way. They upload pictures unprompted. We get great comments about the cars, peoples’ lives and the whole experience of being Latino in the U.S. It relates really nicely to the brand. We always let people express themselves, and we’re not trying to manage that. What comes up naturally works. 

The key insight behind the campaign was that people like to show their pride in their identities and heritages through their cars. Did any other insight drive the direction of the campaign?

That was very important, but there was a second insight that helped shape the campaign: the need to engage deeply with the different, unique Latino communities. We created almost 100 different versions of the sticker for distinct Latino countries and cities. We even used local colloquialisms for different regions. So we have a “We are many Mexicans” sticker, but we also have a sticker for Mexico City, another for Monterrey and more for other cities in Mexico. We did that for every country. That was a very nice insight that our own diverse team came up with. People couldn’t believe that we were going so deep and that we really understood the language people use to describe themselves and their origins. It worked really well. We had testimonials from people saying, “Oh, I cannot believe that you have mine!” Usually they would be called Latinos or Mexicans or Puerto Ricans, but the fact that we had specific stickers for each region and that the name was right, that was perfect.

Pablo Buffagni is Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Conill.

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Facebook Studio Gets a New Look

Facebook Studio Gets a New Look

Since launching in April, Facebook Studio has featured agency work from more than 35 countries around the world. We’ve received great feedback from agencies and brands using the site—thank you, we’ve learned a lot! We’ve taken your feedback into account and we’re happy to announce Facebook Studio has a new look and feel. We’re also introducing some changes that will make it even easier to showcase your work, find inspiration, and stay on top of the latest news and resources.

Facebook Studio Awards have officially launched
Check out the Awards page for the details, including judging criteria. All work submitted before December 31, including work currently on the site, is eligible for the 2011 Awards program. There is no limit to the number of submissions your agency can enter, so make sure to submit all your great campaigns before the end of the year. We’ll announce the winners in January 2012. We look forward to seeing more of your work— may the best campaigns win!

New sorting and search functionality make it easier than ever to discover inspiring work
Many agencies and brands wanted a better way to find examples for a specific brand category, market or agency. We’ve made changes to the site that will enable you to do just that. In the Gallery, use the right-hand navigation to select filter criteria to easily find the type of inspiration you’re looking for, and to see your own agency’s portfolio on the site. We’ve also added search to the site to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

We’ve added RSS to the Facebook Studio Blog
Subscribe to the Facebook Studio blog to receive the latest product announcements and news. 

Thank you for all your feedback over the past months—we hope you enjoy the changes!

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New Page Post Ads are now available

New Page Post Ads are now available

Now with Page Post Ads, you can turn any Page post into a Facebook Ad, with all the flexibility and rich targeting of standard Facebook Ads. Page Post Ads also have a bold new design that is larger than other formats, with features that are more social and more engaging than standard ads.
And, as announced during Advertising Week, Premium Page Post Ads put your Page’s voice on the Home Page, in front of your ideal audience. For your fans, and friends of your fans, your ad will expand to show what people are saying about your brand alongside your brand’s message, all in one.
Page Post Ads can...
  • Reach anyone, even if they aren’t fans of your Page
  • Use Facebook’s full suite of ad targeting options
  • Capture attention with larger, more engaging formats
  • Be personalized with social context about friends that are fans
  • Expand to include enhanced social stories and more points of engagement for fans and friends of fans (Premium only)
Page Post Ads are...
  • Flexible. Engage people with six different kinds of Page Post Ads: status updates, videos, photos, questions, links, and events.
  • Engaging. Page Post Ads create a seamless experience between interactions on your Page, in your ad, and in the News Feeds of fans and their friends. When people interact with the ad or Page, their likes and comments are captured on the Page, and generate News Feed stories to further engage their friends.
  • Social. Page Post Ads tell viewers when their friends are already fans of the Page, making them personally relevant. With Premium formats, the ad unit will expand with enhanced social context.
To get started with Premium Page Post Ads, please contact your Facebook representative (you can reach Facebook Sales via this form). For Page Post Ads for Marketplace, choose your Page as the ad destination, and then select “Page Post Ads” at

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Introducing Facebook Platform for Mobile

Introducing Facebook Platform for Mobile

Create meaningful engagement anytime, anywhere

Today we announced Facebook Platform for Mobile. Now people can access Facebook apps and games on a variety of mobile devices and tablets. As a result, businesses can reach and connect with more people more often with their apps.

Every month, 350 million people use Facebook on a mobile device. For businesses developing on Facebook Platform, Facebook Platform for Mobile is a key technology to enable more connections and meaningful engagement anytime, anywhere. These new features are going to help both iPhone and iPad developers and mobile Web developers. 

When you build a mobile Web app or native app with Facebook Platform, you can:

Drive deeper connections
Engage with your fans wherever they go so they have the same seamless experience with your app regardless of which device they are using.
Spread the word through essential connections
On Facebook, people rely on their friends to discover what’s interesting.  By extending Facebook Platform to mobile, people can tell their friends about you through Notifications, Requests, Timeline, and News Feed.
For the full launch announcement and more on social app discovery on mobile, check out the Facebook Developer Blog. You can find more information on developing with Facebook Platform for Mobile here.

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Facebook + Omnicom Media Group

Facebook + Omnicom Media Group

Hot on the heels of Facebook Studio Live London, we held our first UK client event in partnership with Omnicom Media Group. On September 16, more than 200 representatives from top brands and their respective Omnicom agencies gathered in East London for the Omnicom Media Group Facebook Conference. The event was co-hosted by Philippa Brown, CEO of Omnicom Media Group UK, and Stephen Haines, Commercial Director for Facebook UK. Global leaders from both Facebook and Omnicom discussed the latest social technology and strategies for marketing in a shifting media landscape. Speakers included Mark Holden, Global Strategy Director at PHD and Facebook's Christian Hernandez, Director of Platform Partnerships in EMEA. The consensus was clear: partnership among brands, agencies and media companies will be more important than ever in this new era.

Thanks to all who attended and made the conference a success. Make sure to check out the feature on the event on Omnicom Media Group, UK's new Facebook page. You can view pictures from the day on the Facebook Studio page.

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Agencies hack to improve transport during the 2012 Olympics

Agencies hack to improve transport during the 2012 Olympics

** We're delighted to announce the winners of the Facebook Studio Live London hack challenge. Read on for the announcement of the winning team! **

Facebook Studio Live London was our biggest yet. One of the highlights of the day was a live hack on a subject near to the hearts of Londoners: preparing the city for public transport during the 2012 Olympic Games. 

The challenge

Transport for London set forth the following challenge:

Use Facebook to help Londoners to:
  1. Be aware of the impending travel congestion as well as alternative transportation solutions
  2. Reconsider their travel options and adopt alternative travel behaviors
  3. Share ideas and experiences with friends to influence them to do the same
After hearing about the principles of hacking from Facebook Engineering Director Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, the audience broke out into 28 mixed-agency teams that had just 75 minutes to come up with a strategy that TfL could put into action. 

The judging

The hack was followed by a lightening round of judging by an all-star cast of industry experts. They quickly identified the most compelling entries with the following "social by design" criteria in mind:
  1. Is the idea social? Will people want to share the campaign?
  2. Does it leverage Facebook products to the fullest? For example, does it use Pages to connect with people, Ads to reach them and their friends, apps to make the campaign more engaging?
  3. Does it combine Facebook with other forms of media (print, TV, outdoor, etc.)?
  4. Does it scale?
  5. Is it feasible? Will Transport for London be able to implement the idea?
With help from Transport for London, the entries have now been narrowed down to a single winner... 

And the winner is... Team 19!

Team 19 proposed creating a social game called the "Commuter Olympics" designed to challenge London commuters to travel differently during the 2012 Games. The game's hub is the Commuter Olympics Facebook Page and its "Go for the Gold" application. It is also featured on London's digital screen network to raise awareness of alternative routes and encourage them to check out the campaign. Commuter Olympics participants gain points and rewards for achieving goals, and can go on to compete against groups of friends and at a broader citywide level. Players feel like they are participating in the actual Olympic Games as they compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. Brands can participate as well, encouraging Commuter Olympians with Facebook Check-In Deals. The campaign uses Sponsored Stories to amplify behavior changes through people's networks and encourage friends to get involved. For example, by using Sponsored Stories, when people interact with the Go for the Gold app, their friends will see those interactions in the right hand column of Facebook.

Next steps
Here's what Mark Evers, Transport for London's Director of Games Transport had to say about the experience: "It was a real honor that we were invited to set the task for the inaugural UK Facebook hackathon. Some terrific ideas were generated by the 28 teams in just 75 minutes, and there were some common themes, such as ways commuters could use tools such as GPS mapping to demonstrate they were avoiding congested routes, have fun competing against one another, rewarding people for finding new routes and sharing their own stories through social media. Our congratulations go to the winner, Team 19, for building an imaginative and comprehensive campaign." Transport for London is currently exploring how to integrate ideas that came out of the hack into their overall strategy for reducing commuter demand during next summer's Games.

Thanks again to all who participated, and a huge thank you to Transport for London and to our judges!
Congratulations Team 19

Niku Banaie, Isobar
Sharon Braude, ZenithOptimedia
Ben Chesters, Starcom Mediavest
Andrew Clemes, McCann
Claire Coady, BBH
Ed Digby, Abundant
Nick Dobson, Brando
Ceren Doganay Karaca, Mindshare Worldwide
Rob Dougan, VCCP
Deirdre McGlashan, Aegis Media

Team 19 was led by Facebook's Taylor McCauley and Andy Pang.

Facebook Studio Live Judges

Alan Blair, DDB
Mario Bozzo, IBI
Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times
Kevin Brown, BBH
Claudine Collins, MediaCom
Jonathan Harvey, Facebook
Janet Hull, IPA
Jennifer Kattula, Facebook
Terri Lynam, Travel Demand Management

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Facebook at Advertising Week: Two new products for marketers

Facebook at Advertising Week: Two new products for marketers

At Facebook we believe businesses will be better in a connected world. That's why we connect 800 million people and their friends to the things they care about using social technology to drive business growth. This week at Advertising Week, we're excited to share how our latest products, research and partnerships are enabling businesses to build essential connections with their customers. Here's a preview of two new products we'll be announcing:
New Page Insights
Facebook Pages are where businesses connect with people. We've heard from brands and agencies that you want more guidance on what to put on your Pages so that the conversations you have with people get shared more often and reach more people.  With the new Page Insights, you will now be able to:

  • Assess the performance of your Page through new metrics such as Friends of Fans, People Talking about This, and Total Reach
  • Understand which content resonates with your audience by getting access to detailed analytics on reach, engagement and virality for each of your posts and
  • Optimize your publishing strategy so that people are more likely to tell their friends about your Page
And because the number of people talking about a Page is a good way to understand how engaging a Page is, this number, the amount of people "Talking About This," is now going to appear on all Pages below the fan count. Now people visiting a Page can, at a glance, get a good sense of how engaging the Page is based on the number of people talking about it.

Expanded Premium Ads

The new expanded Premium Ads offer a more engaging way to reach both fans and non-fans that puts your Page posts on the Home Page, in front of your ideal audience. When people have friends who are fans of your Page, your ad will expand to show what people are saying about your brand alongside your brand's message, all in one. The expanded Premium Ad creates a seamless experience between interactions on your Page, in your ad, and in the News Feeds of people and their friends.  

Please note that although we are announcing these products, they will not be available until the following week or so. If you can't join us in person for Advertising Week for these announcements and more, please join us via live stream. You can find more information and RSVP here.

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Building Essential Connections

Building Essential Connections

Next week, the industry will descend upon New York for one of the largest advertising events in the world, Advertising Week. This year, we are excited to share how our latest products, research and partnerships are enabling businesses to build essential connections with their customers. At Facebook we believe businesses will be better in a connected world. This is made possible because we connect over 800M people and their friends to the things they care about. We hope the stories that we share during Advertising Week will inspire you to build these essential connections and drive growth for your business. Please join us!

To watch our events remotely, visit the Live from Advertising Week event page. To register for Advertising Week events, please visit

Monday, October 3rd
Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions
Keynote at IAB Mixx: Building essential connections together
9:45-10:15 am EST, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square (will be streamed)

Tuesday, October 4th
David Fischer, VP Advertising and Global Operations, and Mark D'Arcy, Director of Global Creative Solutions, Facebook Session at Advertising Week: Understanding and creating essential connections
10:00-11:00 am EST, Times Center (will be streamed)

Tom Arrix, VP US Marketing Solutions, at CNBC Masters of Monetization Panel
11:00-12:00 pm EST, Times Center

Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, at Real Time Congress
1:30-2:30 pm EST, Gotham Hall

Kay Madati, Entertainment Strategist, at Television gets Social
2:30-3:30 pm EST, Paley Center for Media

The Big Ad Gig: Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, judges the social campaign pitches of aspiring creatives
3:00-5:00 pm EST, The New York Times Building (will be streamed)

Wednesday, October 5th
Mark D'Arcy, Director of Global Creative Solutions, at Wired Innovation Roundtable
10:00-11:00 am EST, Times Center

Facebook Creatives Talk Live with Andrew Robertson, President and CEO of BBDO Worldwide
1:00-1:30 pm EST, streamed from the Times Center foyer

Thursday, October 6th
John Yi, Head of Facebook's Marketing API Program, at Brands as Storytellers
3:00-4:00 pm, PwC CIBC Auditorium

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Reminder: Convert Page tabs to HTTPS by October 1st

Reminder: Convert Page tabs to HTTPS by October 1st

All tabs on Facebook Pages should convert to HTTPS by October 1, 2011. You can read more about changes related to secure browsing on the Facebook Developer Blog and check out this updated guide for step-by-step instructions. 

Adding a secure tab URL will ensure that people browsing Facebook over a secure connection will be able to see content on the tab. This applies for all custom tabs, and is especially important for clients directing their Facebook Ads to custom tabs.

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